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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations
Part I: Eligibility, Visitors and Lease
1) Students must be officially enrolled, and registered.
2) Students on probation will NOT be eligible to stay in university housing.
3) Other regulations and rules as the university housing committee has appointed.

Visitors are allowed only with due permission from the Resident Advisor.

The university reserves the right to accept or refuse any residents to stay, including the length of the lease, in the university housing.

Part II: Resident Advisor
Each Resident Advisor is appointed by the University Housing President and will be served at University Housing for two years. (The University Housing Committee is in

charged of selecting qualified candidates for the president to appoint the Resident Advisors.)

Resident Advisor Job Descriptions
1) Assist resident students individually and in groups.
2) Respond to student behavior and can enter a student room, with or without notice, in order to respond to emergencies, and/or to handle any violations.
3) Report and conduct any violations.
4) Assit and support all residents.
5) Assist in the support, and development of student activities.
6) Attend all Resident Advisor meetings.
7) Respond for all others appointed duties by the University Housing Committee.

Resident Advisor Qualifications
1) Must be Thammasat University Staff. (For those who are not staff members, but have special training or previous experience will also be considered)
2) Must be able to stay at TU Housing (Rangsit Campus) while being a resident advisor. (The University Housing President may waive this qualification if the resident advisor

can be on call at all times)

Contract Termination
A length of a contract for resident advisor lasts for two years unless given the following circumstances:
1) Death
2) Resignation
3) Retirement or end of employment contract with TU
4) Termination of the contract

Part III: University Housing Committee and Student activities
The University Housing Committee is chosen every academic year under the rules and procedures of the University Management Office and the term lasts one academic

The University Housing Committee has the responsibilities for all student activities by:
1) Managing and approving all the budget for student activities.
2) Encouraging and supporting all activities in the dormitory
3) Planning and developing activities to improve the living quality of the students
4) Monitoring all students and report any case of emergency to the Resident Advisors
5) Performing any other duties that are assigned by resident advisors and/or the University Housing Management Office.

Part IV: Students Rights and Duties
1) Students aren't able to transfer his/her eligibility to stay in university housing to someone else.
2) All students will be served equally in the common lounge and surrounding area.
3) Students must respond to all rules and regulations while obeying to resident advisor and/or university staff.

University Housing Rules
1) Maintain and clean both personal area and common area.
2) Use shared utilities and common area efficiently.
3) Be responsible to the curfew. Getting in or out of the university housing after curfew is prohibited unless otherwise permitted by resident advisors.
4) Termination of the Lease for students who do not live regularly in the university housing.

1) Use designated entrances and exits only.
2) Pets are not allowed in the university housing area unless otherwise permitted with resident advisors.
3) Cooking are prohibited in the rooms.
4) No visitors are allowed in the rooms unless otherwise permitted with resident advisors.
5) Disorderly or disruptive conduct is prohibited.
6) Sexual harassment is prohibited anywhere within a building.
7) Students of the opposite gender may not enter the other's dormitory.
8) Gambling or alcohol is allowed.
9) Restricted Items such as weapons and drugs are prohibited in university housing area.
10) Persons are prohibited from theft or the unauthorized possession of the property of another.
There will be legal punishment to those who have violated the rules.

Part V: Student Behavior
All students must be responsible and obey all rules. Violations of these rules are handled through the disciplinary procedures of the residence halls and/or through the

1) Warning
2) Community Service
3) Disqualified for staying in the following year
4) A second written-up
5) Being suspended from the university housing
6) Enroll in a Behavior Educational Activities

Part VI: Fee
Fees for housing, utilities and insurance are established each year by the University Property Manage