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As of October 2004, the Property Management Office, under Thammasat University, has been managed all properties and buildings that were used during the 13th Asian Games. These properties include 25 buildings such as International Zone Building and Gymnasium 1.

The main income comes from the rent of 10,000 residents in all buildings. This revenue is divided into 3 sections: 1) 35% of the income is used for property saving 2) 35% of the income is used for property maintenance and 3) 30% of the income is given to the university.

It is our mission to offer the highest quality of service to satisfy all residents while using existing resources to develop a community that cultivates educational and personal growth and support our highly trained staff. We also manage and expand our communication technology to maximize opportunities and be ready to become a co-host of University Olympics.

In 2006, we have started the "One Stop Service". All requested services such as room change and maintenance can be done in one spot. The Property Management Office also has signed the contract with professional services to manage the security and engineering sectors.